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The Smurfs opened on approximately 5, screens at 3, locations, [25] with 2, locations being 3D-enabled theaters. He also stated that the ticket service Fandango reported that the film was leading in ticket sales. The site's critical consensus states, " The Smurfs assembles an undeniably talented cast of voice actors and live-action stars—then crushes them beneath a blue mound of lowest-common-denominator kiddie fare. He called the slapstick "very small-kid friendly" and considered the adult-friendly jokes "pretty mild stuff". He closed his review saying, "Yeah, the Smurfs are still sickeningly sweet and upbeat.

But if you've got kids, it's not nearly as torturous to sit through as you might have feared". He said, "The script does wink knowingly in the direction of attentive adults".

San Francisco Chronicle ' s Peter Hartlaub gave the film a mixed review. He said The Smurfs is a "rare movie where the worst parts are in the promos". He called Harris' performance an "honest effort in a thankless role" but said that Azaria as Gargamel "Hidden under prosthetics, [Hank Azaria] compensates for his lack of good lines and repulsive makeup by overacting".

He closed his review saying, "Harris, mostly acting against Marshmallow Peep-sized animated creations, is convincing and likable throughout. No doubt he will poke fun at his participation in this film the next time he's hosting an awards show, but don't be fooled. It takes a good actor to save a bad movie". He called the Smurf rap the worst part of the film. However, Burr echoed Harlaub's praise for Harris' performance by saying, "Harris manages to class up whatever he touches, even if the sight of him repeatedly hitting himself with an umbrella probably won't go on the career highlight reel".

About Azaria, he said, "[Azaria] gets to put on a baldy wig and fake buck-teeth and overact as broadly as he can. A little of this goes a long way unless you're 6 years old, which is the point". He also added that Sofia Vergara "shares the screenplay's confusion as to what, exactly, she's doing here". USA Today ' s Scott Bowles enjoyed Azaria's performance calling him "the human standout" and saying "He and his distrusting cat, Azrael, steal scenes". He also called Jonathan Winters "wonderful" as Papa Smurf.

About the film's content, he said "Those grown-up winks, along with an array of New York locations, make The Smurfs a surprisingly tolerable film for adults. As for their children, well, who knows with kids? But at least the writers have cleverly built in enough Smurfology that today's youngsters will be able to get the basics of the blue universe".

David Stern, David N. Weiss, Jay Scherick and David Ronn is shooting for. A sequel, titled The Smurfs 2 , was released on July 31, New cast includes Christina Ricci , J. Smoove , and Brendan Gleeson. In the sequel, Gargamel creates a couple of evil Smurf-like creatures called the Naughties to harness the magical Smurf-essence. When he discovers that only a real Smurf can give him what he wants and that only Smurfette can turn the Naughties into the real Smurfs, Gargamel kidnaps Smurfette and takes her to Paris. Papa, Clumsy, Grouchy, and Vanity return to the human world and seek the help of their friends Patrick and Grace Winslow to rescue Smurfette.

On May 10, , two weeks after Columbia Pictures and Sony Pictures Animation announced production of The Smurfs 2 , Variety reported that writers Karey Kirkpatrick and Chris Poche were developing a script for The Smurfs 3 , [53] which was set for release on July 24, , and later rescheduled for August 14, From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.


This article is about the film. For the Smurf film, see Les Aventures des Schtroumpfs. For the film, see The Smurfs and the Magic Flute. Theatrical release poster. Further information: List of The Smurfs characters. Main article: The Smurfs 2.

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Archived from the original PDF on July 29, Retrieved July 29, Retrieved July 12, Retrieved March 29, Reed Business Information. February 16, June 10, July 8, Think again". Retrieved July 8, It's very, very strange for a children's show, especially since the repeated exposure to various narcotics doesn't seem to have any long-lasting side effects. So, there you have it, kids: drugs are perfectly fine, as long as you're bright blue and only three apples tall.

Much to the chagrin of every child who dreamed of being a corporate accountant when he or she grew up, Finance Smurf never made it onto the Smurfs cartoon show. He did, however, star in his very own volume of the comic series. In " The Finance Smurf ," one of the Smurfs learns about money from a human ally and promptly starts ruining the Smurfs' socialist community by establishing an official treasury.

As you can imagine, it doesn't go well. Finance Smurf gives every member of the village gold coins, but gives himself —you know, to cover expenses. Others, like Jokey Smurf and Poet Smurf, become poor.

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Finance Smurf builds a bank so he can give loans to the lower-class Smurfs, but Farmer Smurf doesn't trust the establishment and buries his money in the forest. Smurfette doesn't get paid for her work at all, because she's a woman and nobody wants to give her money in exchange for her help. So it goes, until Papa Smurf and a few others are destitute and forced to leave the village. Others follow, reneging on their financial obligations.

http://jenkins.devops.indosystem.com/11685-whatsapp-tracking-mobile.php Eventually, Finance Smurf owns the entire village, which leads him to realize that money isn't everything, forgive everyone's debts, and lure everyone back home. And how much does it cost to learn this lesson about the evils of capitalism? If you don't have The Smurfs ' theme song stuck in your head, well, congratulations.

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You do now. And yet, it turns out that the insidiously catchy tune that signaled the start of every Smurf adventure is only the second most evil song that the little blue miscreants know. In " The Smurfs' Christmas Special ," Papa Smurf and his crew of mini-marauders unleash a tune titled "Goodness Makes The Badness Go Away," which sounds fine, except that in this case "badness" means a living human being and "go away" is a euphemism for straight-up murder.

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Yes, the warlock was a bad dude and deserved what he got, but the whole thing raises a number of difficult questions. For example, why did Papa Smurf know a murder song in the first place? Has he used it before? And, most troubling, what's to stop him from using it again? Not only is Brainy Smurf a complete and utter fraud—in Peyo's original comics, he's just known as Smurf with Glasses and isn't actually that smart—but he's got no problem twisting the law to suit his own needs. Papa Smurf refuses to punish Clumsy without a "fair" trial, however, so Brainy locks Clumsy in a cage and throws together a courtroom, complete with a judge and jury.

Except the whole thing is rigged. The only Smurf who can prove Clumsy's innocence is Baby, who's called to testify but can't talk. Brainy is really the only Smurf with any kind of legal knowledge, which he uses to manipulate the court to get the verdict he wants. Even worse, as the charade unfolds, Baby Smurf wanders off again, as Brainy's too busy framing his friend to pay attention. Clumsy eventually finds Baby, while Smurfette discovers incriminating cakes stashed in Brainy's jacket, and justice is eventually served. Still, it's harrowing to think what would've happened if Clumsy had been found guilty because Papa Smurf can be kinda scary.

Despite what you might've heard, the Smurfs' hats do not make them members of the Ku Klux Klan. The popular but totally untrue theory claims that the Smurfs' pointed white hats are a veiled reference to the robes worn by the KKK. Conspiracy theorists claim that's Papa Smurf's headgear really cements this argument—after all, KKK leaders wear the color red, not white, just like the Smurf Village's patriarch.

That's ridiculous, of course. Papa Smurf's distinctive hat can't be KKK paraphernalia because it's already a symbol of the Reign of Terror, which consumed France in and Technically, the cone-like, floppy hats the Smurfs wear are called Phrygian caps , and they became popular during the French Revolution and the Reign of Terror. For instance, you have Lazy Smurf who pretty much does nothing, yet finds himself in similar adventures as the rest of the group.

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What would he contribute to solving an issue besides accidentally stumbling upon a solution due to his laziness? A normal society would have forced him to work, yet he was simply lazy. This suggests that he was completely comfortable with his personal identity, as well as everyone else around him. When it comes to the dispositional Smurfs, the group does not decide the identity of the individual; they merely accept it. However, with the Smurfs that are identified by their profession, their identities are defined by the community as a whole, simply because they are in those roles.

While one could be born lazy and never snap out of it, one is not born a handyman.