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Last month we found out that China has been slipping spying hardware into devices for US markets.

China and the US are growing more openly nationalistic. What would confirm that we are in fact currently in a cold war with China? I think China can probably dump its Treasuries if and when it wants to; on the government level it will hurt but at this point they can absorb the hit. So I would be looking out for at least that kind of shift, and the current trade battles are not yet substantial enough to count. If anything, they give the US leverage over China. I would worry less about the chinese government reducing its dollar holdings than I would about the chinese economy reducing its desire for dollars.

Something like the Korean War where the US and China are overtly supporting opposite sides of a conflict. If by Cold War you mean global ideological struggle between military peers and rival ideological blocs, then obviously not.

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Presumably you mean something in between, though. When I take a shower, I have to wait for the water to warm up. To minimize the time, I turn the water all the way to hot then start turning it down when that gets too hot for me. If I could separately control the flow rate of hot and cold, I could set the hot to maximum, the cold to whatever rate gives my desired temperature when hot is at maximum, wait until the water has warmed up, and take my shower with no additional adjustments and no need to be under water that is either too hot or too cold while getting it right. A further advantage of doing it this way is that I would get a higher flow rate of suitable warm water than if I got it by adjusting a value that simultaneously increases cold and decreases hot.

All of this assumes that that is how the actual single control shower valve works—that as you turn the temperature down it is both increasing the amount of cold water and decreasing the amount of hot. When I have the valve set to give me warm water, is it doing it by letting all the hot water through plus an adequate amount of cold or is it adjusting both? For a still fancier version, could you have a valve that you set to your desired temperature and then runs only hot water until it gets to that temperature, then gradually increases the amount of cold to keep the mix at that temperature?

Do such valves exist?

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For most showers, yes. For most designs, this would be an unsatisfying shower, because there would be less of a sense of pressure. So for most heads, if you have separate controls and turn the hot all the way up, the rate of flow will be limited at the head. If you then add cold you may get a bit more flow for one thing the pressure on the hot and cold systems can differ , but for the most part what cold comes through will displace some of the hot.

For tub showers the fastest way to get to the hot water is usually to run the leading cold water out of the hot line through the tub faucet, which has a higher flow rate. The gizmo you ask about in the last sentence is called a thermostatic valve. I no longer have to wait a minute for hot water, but I now have to wait a minute for cold water.

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On those rare occasions when I want to splash cold water on my face, without running the water a bit first, I reach under and flip the switch, or even easier just unplug it. I was staying at a hotel in Glendale last week and the hot water was out. The hotel said it was due to using the water to fight a fire in Griffith Park.

Does that make any sense to you? The only ways that could make sense ti me is if the hotel had steel pipes and the hot water pipes were more restricted due to rust it was briefly a practice to have hot water pipes be brass as those pipes often rusted out faster than cold and when the pressures were reduced because of the demands of fire fighting only the cold water pipes delivered a trickle, but if you were getting full pressure cold and no pressure hot then that makes less sense.

As an alternative maybe they lost water pressure for a bit, and when it came back grit and rust lodged in the hot water tank inlet or outlet. Had to get down to the 80s before finding one of my top 5 favorite films though. Depending on how you count either 2 or 3. I put on the Godfather maybe ten years back, found it ponderous, ugly, and subject to the Eight Deadly Words, and turned if off after like 45 minutes.

Nor 5, 12 Angry Men. I once tried to watch it merely because it was on the top of this list, but really hated it from the get go. I was ignoring it before it was cool to ignore it! While I have always enjoyed that movie, there is nothing about it that seems important or notable enough to be worth inclusion on top lists, so it always feels overrated. You really should see The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly , though….

An evening double-feature of The Shawshank Redemption and Inception, both seen with fresh eyes, is a very special treat indeed. Cyclists Special — Tolkien vs George R. Epic Rap Battles of History — To reverse the question, then, the first one that I have seen in its entirety is no. The responses so far are surprising to me. It makes me update a little bit in the direction of the gray tribe being about more than just ideology. Or that they only watch movies from after the 90s?

I see now.

  1. 児雷也豪傑物語 (Jiraiya Gōketsu Monogatari - The Heroic Tales of Jiraiya).
  2. 児雷也豪傑物語 (Jiraiya Gōketsu Monogatari - The Heroic Tales of Jiraiya).
  3. Hero Tales and Legends of the Rhine.
  4. Abenteuer Katzen-Zusammenführung (German Edition).

They really are blue tribe heretics. His theory at the time was that criticizing your own tribe was not enjoyable, but criticizing the out-group was a lot of fun. Based on that theory, one can have two groups that are very close in culture, but the tribes will tend to strongly criticize some of the few differences between the two. If you use that basis for the tribe, perhaps most of the commenters on SSC belong to the gray tribe. Whereas tribe was more defined by the idea of dark matter—everyone you know is in that tribe even if you physically share space with people of other tribes.

Followed by 6, 8, 9, 16, 17, 19, The next one I have seen is number Then Then I hit Bohemian Rhapsody at and gave up. But I understand that IMDb has had issues with concentrated voting blocks overrepresenting Indian movies.

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Also, the IMDb list in general is too focused on bro-y adrenaline movies, which explains fairly mediocre gunplay movies like Leon and Once Upon a Time in America getting so much love. They think of Leone and gangsters and De Niro and forget the rest. But there is an overriding theme to most of the movies at top of internet-based movie voting lists: movies that make traditional guy things seem super-serious and important: guns, action, male bonding.

This is the subject where I get the most nerdy. Its user-base leans more toward film-as-art rather that film-as-fanboy-member-berries. The Dark Knight, 5. Drop everything and watch 12 Angry Men!

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  3. We Review the Self-Published 'Now That I'm a Ghost, I'm Gay'.
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The version. A travesty of justice in the name of justice? No thanks! None of us would want the Henry Fonda character on any jury determining our fate. Easier for me to list first movie I have seen. The former was put on by an English teacher in high school to teach us symbolism or something the girl in the red coat , and the latter I caught on cable; both of them are good. Actually, I watched several of these movies at school.

The same English teacher showed us 73, Braveheart , because she had a crush on Mel Gibson. Maybe being rated highly actually does provide meaningful information. The issues they point out are real, serious, and unaddressed. Full stop. Partisan bickering is one thing, an independent fed exists, all that is true: but the federal government never, ever, under any circumstances, has to default on dollar-denominated debt unless it flatly chooses to. Maybe the world continues on denominated in Bitcoin, Nuyen, mgAu, or slaves. But in either case we no longer have a bond market in dollars.

But in terms of safety of the bond market? There is zero risk in Treasury securities. Presumably a default would occur because of some long-brewing problem that finally erupted into a crisis. Suddenly all the options available are bad, and defaulting perhaps in a small way is the least bad. No, people. A minor technical meaningless two-day default is still a default. The other major credit rating agencies try to assess expected losses. This is also why the sovereign ceiling gets ignored for the US.

A technical default which the market ignores will not actually make Microsoft less credit-worthy. Hello, and welcome to the fifteenth installment of my Biblical scholarship effortpost series.