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During the last five trading days, volume in put options has lagged volume in call options by This is among the lowest levels of put buying seen during the last two years, indicating extreme greed on the part of investors.

The number of stocks hitting week highs exceeds the number hitting lows and is at the upper end of its range, indicating greed. Stocks have outperformed bonds by 4.

This is close to the strongest performance for stocks relative to bonds in the past two years and indicates investors are rotating into stocks from the relative safety of bonds. This is further above the average than has been typical during the last two years and indicates greed on the part of investors. During the last month, approximately This is a neutral reading and indicates that market risks appear low.

'Stupidity and greed will kill off humans' Stephen Hawking makes terrifying prediction

Although many explorations of the economic crisis leave the reader cold or confused, Mason has a knack for clear and engaging exposition of the processes at work. Getting the details of the crisis also involves understanding the past, something Mason does very well.

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Moving from recent to historical events with a fluidity well practiced in Live Working or Die Fighting, economic history becomes a fascinating story. And Paul Mason tells it pretty well. Mason also tells his own story, one of a BBC reporter wandering bewildered from bank to workplace to news conference, forming a narrative to contextualise the haphazard activity of the economic and political players.

Donald Trump's creed of greed: Product of a society that puts profit before people | reninetifo.gq

The political conclusions outlined by Mason are clear. Neoliberalism as an ideology is dead as is the so called Third Way. The future of capitalism certainly in the strongest economies will see the state taking a much more pro active role in the economy. This though is not a return to old style Keynesian interventionism, rather it represents the socialisation of risk as shown by the financial bailout of the banking system in the US, Britain, and elsewhere.

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Or socialism for the bourgeoisie as some have described it, coupled of course with monetarist austerity for the working class. Mason could though have outlined more explicitly what he considers to be a left or socialist response to the current crisis.

There is much more weighty material written about the crisis, both politically and theoretically and much more will be written.