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It was still the wet season and the dirt road was mud. It was slow going with lots of falls. The brakes were blocked by the mud so sometimes the falls were voultary, to avoid a greater fall down the Andes! But we reached Cuzco where Patrick's Honda packed up.

No parts in town nor in Lima neither in Bolivia. A general bought his bike so we split. Patrick continued by bus and I still with my Suzuki which was working perfectly. So we met at prearranged places. In La Paz Bolivia we saw that we could not go much further because money. So we started the trip back to Mexico. From there Patrick went back to Canada. I stayed a bout a year in Mexico, working in a hotel then sold the bike which had developed some problems and with the money went back by bus or hitchiking to Bolivia.

Then flew back to Australia on the last day of my visa.

Schatten Design VVM-2 Pro Viola/Violin Pickup

In fact the whole trip. The ride to Tikal and the ride through the muddy Andes Sponsored by Cagiva Italy and spanish dealers. Starting in Venezuela and finishing in USA. I send the motorcycle to Spain by boat and myself back by plane Purpose of the trip: Enjoy motorcycle driving; landscapes; People; life.

Comments : A wonderfull trip full of nature; incredible panorama lanscapes and very nice and honest people always trying to help. No problems at all!!! Das wir aus der Situation lebend herauskamen war absoluter Zufall. The webmaster Christain rode solo Alaska - Tierra de Fuego. Highlihts: Alaska. Altiplano - Bolivia. The feeling to be independend. The Worst: 6 months of McDonald food. Street bandits Belize - City. Break of chain on the Altiplano in Bolivia.

Adventure Travel Nicaragua - Nicaraguan Cigars & German Tanks (Tim and Kelsey get lost Ep 037)

Stolen camera and equipment in Equador Quito. Mein Schneidezahn wackelt heute noch davon. Motorradmagazin Schweiz.

Buch von Petra geplant. Bestellbar bei Thomas Sbampato oder Bernd Tesch. Giorgio wrote a book about his Vespa trip from Rome to Saigon in He also did Alaska - Tierra del Fuego in Vespa He has done other trips all on a Vespa but I have no other specifics. Route : Canada - USA -?? He was always smiling and laughing as loud as ten together from his height. I thought then nobody will dare to tuch this strong real person because of both. He was travelling like a vagabond without plans. Already then the computer-expert was connected with a lot of mc-travellers worldwide by email.

The worst:???


Marc planned 6,5 months. Marc rode in many curves through SA and visited 9 different countries. Meeting for Mc-World-Travellers. Marc started his tour here. Marc finished his tour here.

Here we celebrated our first christmas. In Honduras we stayed the next 3 months: Holiday form travelling. Nicaragua - Costa Rica - Panama. Christmas we reached Ushuaia. The end of a dream! Purpose of travel: Curiosity for other countries and how the people live there. Highlights : The people and the endless nature in Alaska and Kanada, the beauty of Western USA, the beautiful caribean coast in Mexico, the Andes with the volcanos, altiplano, saltlakes and of course reaching Tierra del Fuego after The Worst: A crash with a cow in the dschungel of Bolivia.

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Yeah - 2 weeks before I crashed into Daniels motorbike because of the beautiful scenery of the Andes. Transafrica by motorcycle. It is much nicer to travel light. I paid about DM I never counted all in different positions like flights, fuel, food But notice that a joureney with two persons is much cheaper than solo. Alaska, Kanada and USA have been cheaper than we thought. We camped wild and cooked by ourself. We did not need a Carnet and no visa. In Nicaragua we paid instead ca. At the borders all was always correct.

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On sunday we had to pay extra fees at the border of Mexiko - Guatemala. I was astonished to hear how easy she managed Alasca - Tierra dle Fuego on her ccm. She belongs to the few women who dare everything and is always positive thinking. It is wonderful to listen to Astrid.

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Who wants to travel next with her? She is a very experienced traveller and always waiting for the next tour In 72 days His summaries: "This is our world". But the real challenge is the road between Cuzco Peru and Nazca Peru. On this road, the word adventure reaches a meaning that only really hard drivers are entitled to answer.

Extremelly dangerous, extremely beautiful. And the Yukon has the appeal to our thirst of adventure, and the answer to this call. It gives an insight into matters specific to motorcycle adventure travel: the documents required, the maintenance of the bike, road and riding conditions as they affect the motorcyclist, border crossings, transporting the bike by air freight, and accommodation and security for bike and rider.

An appendix lists exact distances, and the names of secure campgrounds and hotels. The travelogue includes conversations with many of the fellow travellers Bausenhart met along the route.