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Mostly, they are stuck fighting the last war, with the wrong weapons, against a dead horse. In America, it is way too late to oppose evolution, or sex violence and nasty noises in music, or liberal bias on broadcast TV, or even abortion. In fact, polls in the past few years show a sharp decline in fundamentalism, especially among younger, more-atomized, generations. Older fundamentalists recognize, resentfully, that they have lost the culture war.

As in the West in the s, the obvious response is to try to make eternalism work by force. Fundamentalism and totalitarian nationalism —fused in every third-world version—are attempts. As these fail, they become ever more desperate, and therefore ever more extreme and violent. Islamic extremism—originally devised as a coherent system—is atomizing. The things young Islamists say and do make no sense in any conceptual framework, traditional or modern, Islamic or Western. Many Millennial-generation Islamists know the global internet culture better than they know Islam.

They are not fundamentalists—following a religion based on scripture—just extremists. Since ISIS is pretty much the worst thing in the world now, understanding how this works may be important to fighting it. As a highly religious person, although not a fundamentalist, I share your concern. The atomization of meaning could result in complete cultural and social collapse. I suggest that you identify your enemy clearly. If you want to preserve your meanings, you need to come to grips with atomizing postmodernity, which is the current reality, instead of wasting your effort fighting obsolete modernisms.

I suggest that it is more important to find ways of preserving some coherent meanings than fussing about details. I would rather see a competent fundamentalist theocracy that kept civilization running than an anti-systematic social collapse —even though you would burn me as a witch in the first week after you took power.

Postmodern Perspective

I hope you would prefer living in a competent atheist rationalist state that kept civilization running than see an anti-systematic social collapse—even if it banned all public practice of religion. Scriptural literalism has definitively failed. You and your former secularist enemies might do well to join forces. I realize a fundamentalist-atheist alliance sounds implausible—but before Francis Shaeffer united them in the s, the idea that fundamentalist Protestants, conservative Catholics, and Orthodox Jews would join to fight secularism sounded absurd.

Why militant fundamentalism is post-modern, not orthodox

The Christian gospel originally emerged as a radical alternative in a civilization as rootless and cosmopolitan and relativistic as our own. Maybe it is already here, if only Christians could find a way to shed the baggage of a vanished Christendom and speak the language of this age. Both have a particular interest in reaching the urban, the academic, and even the cool —which points to the possibility of a kind of revolution from above, in which our cultural elite is reconverted and the country comes along. The book begins with an appetizer.

Alternatively, you might like to look at its table of contents , or some other starting points. Classification of pages by topics supplements the book and metablog structures. Terms with dotted underlining example: meaningness show a definition if you click on them. RSS feed. Follow me on Twitter. Skip to main content.

Nikolai G. Wenzel

Fundamentalism is countercultural modernism Fundamentalism claims to be traditionalist, and opposed to modernity. Fundamentalism is modern Fundamentalism is just over a century old. Fundamentalism is modernist Fundamentalism describes itself as traditional and anti-modern. Fundamentalism is anti-traditional Traditional culture is a colorful muddle of customary, local beliefs and practices.

Fundamentalism is losing to postmodernity Fundamentalism was originally devised as a weapon against liberal Christian modernism: one system of meanings to fight another system of meanings. My advice to fundamentalists and others As a highly religious person, although not a fundamentalist, I share your concern.

John D. Caputo: Post Modern, Post Secular, Post Religious

One cannot say exactly when a movement began; that is generally somewhat nebulous. Alternatively, in capital-T Traditionalism , the Ultimate Truth is manifest in monist mystical revelation. Capital-T Traditionalism is almost perfectly parallel to fundamentalism, except that its religious core is monist rather than dualist. Currently, it is also influential in new Russian and Eastern European far-right movements. And as I gave you the green plants, I give you everything. This book casts considerable light on fundamentalism; see my summary here. My guess is that, in each case, state jihadism will gradually become less effective as a way of motivating and controlling the populace.

That seems to have happened in Iran, which was the first fundamentalist state. Or, at minimum, everyone within a large religious, national, or ethnic group. Many versions of Islamic and Christian fundamentalism claim dominion over everyone in the world; Jewish, Hindu, and Buddhist fundamentalisms may only demand obedience from all Jews, Hindus, or Buddhists.

This is the meaning of the recital of Num 15 : 37 — Popper , Karl R. Blackwell , ; Handelman , Susan A. Fackenheim , Emil L. Sacks , , Crisis and Covenant at 15, cited in note 1. Robinson , John A. Buren , Paul M.

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Rubenstein , Richard L. Kushner , Harold S. Gordon , Robert W. Tushnett , , Critical Legal Studies at cited in note 56 emphasizes the implications of postmodernism as a critique of all totalizing theories and as support of pluralism. Both ideas suit the political practice of Critical Legal Studies. Horwitz , Morton J.

Fundamentalism is modernist

Balkin , J. Horwitz, The Constitution of Change cited in note Cover , Robert M. Cover's characteristics of Jewish law are: 1. System of reciprocal obligations, interpersonal commitments, rather than of rights; hence no violence. Means of moral and social transformation; law's teleology. On the limits of pluralism, Halivni , David , Peshat and Derash Berger , , The Sacred Canopy at cited in note 2.

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Fundamentalism is countercultural modernism | Meaningness

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