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EUR-Lex Access to European Union law

The decisions about the authorisation of landfills are to be taken by the competent authorities of the Member States. The Commission cannot interfere with such decisions, unless there is evidence that they do not comply with the relevant requirements of Union law. On the basis of the information provided by the Honourable Member, the Commission cannot identify any breach of Union legislation. Furthermore, predictions for the period from to made by the Central Statistical Office of Poland show that the number of people in the oldest age groups is set to grow.

Experts say that the ageing of Polish society could result in further waves of emigration. It is estimated that in a few years there will be 90 people above working age for every people of working age. What steps is the Commission currently taking to reduce the pace at which Europe and Poland's populations are ageing?

Does the Commission intend to take steps to raise awareness of this issue among Europeans? Another thing that is vital in addressing the problem of ageing societies is to make things easier for immigrants e. However, the UK Government is now forcing through measures to make things more difficult for immigrants, even those from other EU Member States.


How does the Commission intend to counter similar actions taken by other Member States in the future? This comes to an expression during the European Semester and in the country specific recommendations covering among others policies in favour of families and children. Despite the fact that Poland has moved up a few notches in most of the ratings, we still have too many barriers to entrepreneurship. The problems the report points to are the complex and inefficient tax system, excessive administration and too much red tape.

The report also draws attention to the authorisation process that must be followed in order to operate a business and invest freely, as well as the requirement to obtain investment permits. It also takes too long to resolve commercial disputes, obtain permits and register property, and it is difficult to start up and close down businesses. All these issues also help increase the likelihood of corruption in the Polish administrative system. Is the Commission aware of the restrictions on entrepreneurship outlined in the aforementioned report?

Could the Commission provide the Polish Government with recommendations and opinions encouraging it to introduce measures to make it easier for entrepreneurs to do business?

The landscapes of energy incentives

Does the Commission have its own analysis of the aforementioned problems in the Member States? If not, could it carry out such an analysis? Is the Commission planning, in the near future, to draw up proposals for regulations and directives to make it easier for entrepreneurs to do business? The Commission would like to confirm that it is aware of the situation of Polish entrepreneurs.

The Commission closely follows the situation in all the Member States on issues affecting in particular small and medium enterprises SMEs and entrepreneurship. On an annual basis since , the SME Performance Review is one of the main tools the Commission uses to monitor and assess countries' progress in implementing the Small Business Act SBA , which include, inter alia , entrepreneurship, responsive administration and access to finance. Also within the context of the European Semester, the Commission analyses the fiscal and structural reform policies of every Member State, provides recommendations, and monitors their implementation.

Annual fact-finding missions bring together the Commission and the Member State authorities to discuss these issues. The mission to Poland was held in the beginning of February; its results and evaluation will feed into the European Semester process as described above and be published in the SME Performance Review report this autumn. In het verslag wordt niet verwezen naar een exact cijfer van ambtenaren die niet kunnen werken, en het is evenmin mogelijk om precies te weten over welke sectoren het gaat.

Welke criteria betreft het hier? Hoe weet resp. De verwijzing naar de ontvankelijkheidscriteria voor financiering heeft betrekking op de criteria die werden vastgelegd door het PEGASE-mechanisme, dat bepaalt wie in aanmerking komt als begunstigde. The report does not quote a precise figure of civil servants prevented from working, nor is it possible to be known with precision what sectors are most affected.

To what criteria is she referring?

Concerning the eligibility criteria, this refers to the criteria established by the PEGASE mechanism which determines the eligible beneficiaries. In order to benefit from the PEGASE programme, civil servants need to comply with certain eligibility criteria including the following; the beneficiary must be on the payroll list of the Palestinian Authority for that particular month; only basic salaries and pensions are covered; managerial position and consultants are not eligible; security forces and civil police are ineligible; employees working in non-governmental organisations, trade unions, religious or political bodies or working in the Palestinian News Agency are also not eligible.

Betreft: Terugvorderen toeslagen in het buitenland. Voor de invordering van toeslagschuld in het buitenland is bijstand van het betreffende land noodzakelijk. De huurtoeslag valt echter niet onder de reikwijdte van deze verordening.

Geldt dit alleen voor Nederland of valt de huurtoeslag van andere Europese lidstaten ook niet onder de reikwijdte van de verordening? In order to recover allowances owed to the authorities by people abroad, it is necessary to seek the assistance of the country concerned.

Mothers and daughters in autobiographical narratives

In order to recover childcare allowance, care allowance and the child-related budget, other Member States can be asked to assist. However, rental support does not fall within the scope of this regulation. Does this only apply to the Netherlands, or does rental support from other EU Member States likewise not fall within the scope of the regulation? If so, to which Member States does this apply? Povezivanje; 2. Izgradnja prosperiteta; 4. Kao jedan od primjera, Hrvatska je u tom kontekstu u rujnu Ta predanost postojala je i u razdoblju U pogledu priprema za razdoblje More globally, Croatia is also committed to delivering projects in line with the priorities of the Danube Strategy.

Specific projects included improving water and wastewater infrastructure in Osijek and Vukovar, supporting river information services on the Sava, preparing the development of Vukovar, Osijek and Slavonski Brod ports, and establishing an Innovation Agency in Zagreb. As regards the preparation of the period, the Commission does not yet have detailed information about the potential financial resources dedicated to the Danube Strategy. Nevertheless, both in its partnership agreement and in the relevant programmes, Croatia is asked to include the macro-regional perspective and consequently to ensure that projects financed through EU funds are in line with the included provisions.

Deze procedure heeft betrekking op andere vormen van bijzonder zware criminaliteit met een grensoverschrijdende dimensie die voortvloeit uit de aard of gevolgen van deze strafbare feiten, of uit een bijzondere noodzaak om deze op gemeenschappelijke basis te bestrijden. Does the procedure described in the abovementioned paragraph apply to the definition of serious crime as well, or just to individual offences which are exhaustively mentioned in this paragraph?

If so, which legislative procedure will be applicable, the special or the ordinary? Does the Commission plan to publish a proposal on the definition of serious crime? This procedure covers other areas of particularly serious crime with a cross-border dimension resulting from the nature or impact of such offences or from a special need to combat them on a common basis. The French Government is expected to declare a natural disaster following the floods in Brittany. Farming, just one of the sectors affected, expects to see heavy losses during the next harvest. Water-saturated soil, hundreds of hectares of fields flooded, crop yields this year are bound to be affected by the bad weather.

What is more, bad weather events are becoming more frequent in a number of EU countries. Will the Commission provide emergency aid for those economic sectors, including farming, affected by this bad weather? What measures have been introduced to protect local people, economic sectors and infrastructure from the disastrous effects of weeks of bad weather? What steps will the European Union take to provide financial assistance for farmers in need?

Brittany has borne the full brunt of the severe weather conditions of the last two months. On top of the problems faced by some farms as a result of their remoteness, they now have incessant storms to contend with, and there are concerns about the repercussions for crops and livestock.

After two months of storms and flooding, which have caused serious damage to farm buildings, the land and fields, farmers in Brittany, and in the Morbihan region in particular, are in real trouble. Both livestock farming and cereal and vegetable production have been affected, although the full economic impact will not be known until the spring, when the harvest takes place. Will the Commission provide farmers in Brittany with emergency aid in order to compensate them for the losses suffered as a result of severe weather conditions?

Is there a European support fund for livestock and arable farmers to cover weather-related losses? If not, how does the Commission intend to provide financial support to arable and livestock farmers when adverse weather conditions lead to losses of production and, hence, losses of income? The EU Solidarity Fund EUSF could grant financial assistance only following an application from a Member State for dealing with the costs of certain types of emergency operations, including adverse climatic events.


Rural development policy provides support for investments to restore agricultural potential damaged by natural disasters. In , on the condition that competent authority of the MS concerned formally recognises the occurrence of a natural disaster, support could be granted through:. For applications to be made in , MS have the flexibility to decide on the payment of advances, without the need for a particular justification, but subject to the same control requirements as in Le violenze a danno dei giornalisti destano seria preoccupazione. Oltre ai gruppi armati, che costituiscono la minaccia principale per i giornalisti pakistani, vi sono denunce di abusi commessi dai militari contro i giornalisti che criticano il loro operato.

This incident demonstrates the intention of the Taliban group TTP, which has claimed responsibility for the attack, to undermine the freedom and independence of the press in that country. Still more concerning is the fact that an employee of the same television network subsequently instigated informal negotiations with the Taliban group, offering increased coverage for their message in exchange for greater security. Reporters without Borders rate Pakistan as one of the most dangerous countries in the world in which to be a journalist.

Violence against journalists is a major concern. Although the biggest threat to Pakistani journalists is armed groups, there are also allegations of abuses committed by the military against journalists who report critically on their actions. The EU-Delegation in Islamabad has and will continue to raise concerns with the Pakistani authorities about freedom of expression in Pakistan. L'FMI e il governo dell'Ucraina hanno annunciato di aver raggiunto un'intesa da cui dovrebbe scaturire un accordo di stand-by di miliardi di dollari per contribuire a stabilizzare la situazione economica e finanziaria dell'Ucraina.

L'UE ha inoltre firmato i capitoli politici dell'accordo di associazione con l'Ucraina e applica preferenze commerciali autonome per consentire al paese di beneficiare prima possibile, e in misura sostanziale, della zona di libero scambio globale e approfondito. This aid could then be followed by more substantial support, but this would be dependent on Ukraine implementing structural reforms and on IMF conditionality. Does she intend to return to Ukraine, or to receive a delegation of Ukrainian demonstrators, in order to fully understand the reasons for their protests and to work with the Ukrainian authorities to respond to their demands?

Does she intend to announce fresh proposals for a political agreement linked to European financial aid for Ukraine? Will she consider imposing sanctions on Ukraine, as advocated by several representatives of the German Government?

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  • Manual A Most Ineligible Suitor (Most Eligible Bachelor).

The EU is contributing to international efforts, and has committed to assist with the transition, encourage reforms and support inclusive development to benefit all Ukrainians. The EU is pursuing restrictive measures against persons identified as responsible for misappropriation of Ukrainian State funds, as well as those responsible for undermining Ukraine's sovereignty, territory integrity and independence.

salud del instituto: Topics by

Immediate priorities for Kyiv are to restore macroeconomic stability and address corruption. Oggetto: Tassazione sulle transazioni finanziarie. The fact that the Greeks recently assumed the rotating EU Presidency could give further impetus to negotiations on this issue, since Greece is one of the Member States in favour of continued cooperation on financial transaction tax, and several representatives of the Greek Government have expressed hope of adopting a common position with other participating Member States by June.

The revenue from this new tax could be used in various sectors, but as yet no agreement has been reached as to how it will be distributed. In light of the above, does the Council believe that it is realistic to expect a common position to have been adopted among participating Member States by June?

Has an agreement been reached as to how revenue from this tax will be appropriated? However, eleven Member States expressed their willingness to proceed with this tax under enhanced cooperation. A first technical read-through of the text was completed under the Lithuanian Presidency. Deliberations on the proposed Directive are ongoing and a position has not been reached within the Council on the questions raised by the Honourable Member.

Oggetto: Aggiornamento — Crisi nel settore dell'acquavite di vino.