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Goalie Max Paddock made his third consecutive start for Regina after missing four in a row with a shoulder injury.

Rebels get their revenge with OT win over Pats

The goal was scored off a 2-on-1 break as Chase Leslie raced down the left side and elected to keep it, drilling a shot into the top short-side corner. Zack Smith responded with left in the second, potting his first WHL goal just as a power play expired. This is a tough league so sometimes players will go a lot of games without scoring goals. To get one early, I can hopefully build off that and keep getting better every game.

Knight Avenged : Coreene Callahan :

With the score tied and overtime looming, Red Deer took the lead with left in regulation as Josh Tarzwell grabbed the puck off a draw, spun around and beat Paddock from the right circle. The woman, Cosima, is not only a fierce warrior but was one of the blessed. Henrik is drawn to her but resists it for many reasons. The group is immediately attacked by their rival assassins who have grown stronger with evil magic and the adventure begins.

I don't generally read a lot of historical books, paranormal or otherwise, but I really enjoy this one. I loved the first book and this was a great continuation. It was fast paced and full of action. It went full throttle from the beginning to the end of the book. Both the hero and heroine were really likable and we got to see many of the characters from the first book. The story got more complex and an evil twist took place. My only complaint was that the story line was the main focus and the love story secondary.

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Exhilaration followed, drowning caution beneath a wave of satisfaction. Such a superb turn of events. An interesting twist wrapped up in a lethal game of hide-and-seek. He needed to be moving—able to shift quickly when the snake slithered into view.

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Cunning for her kind, Beauty enjoyed the hunt too much to ever back down. Or show an ounce of mercy. She would strike fast and sink her fangs deep instead. Leave him with little defense as she filled him with poison and left him for dead. Someone had unlocked and opened the cage door. Which meant one thing.

Читать онлайн "Knight Avenged" автора Callahan Coreene - RuLit - Страница 1

One of his assassins sought to kill him. With his own snake. Pride surfaced along with the pleasure. At last. A worthy opponent.

An assassin willing to use creative means to relieve him of command. A man willing to do what was necessary—like mastermind a power play to eliminate him, clearing the way for a change in the ranks. All without raising a blade against him. Bare feet brushing over the flagstone floor, he searched the shadows again: under tables and chairs, in each corner of the chamber. He caught sight of Beauty in his periphery. Black scales gliding across stone, she slithered under the bed behind him. She curled the forked tip, searching for his scent in the air, then drew it back in, and retreated on a smooth glide.

Slithering into a coil, her horned head shifted to one side, as though preparing to strike, but.

Knights of the Round Table

The air thickened and warped, tumbling into smoky froth as a sinister presence filled the chamber. The Prophecy And out of ashes seven warriors shall rise. Bringers of death, they shall wreak vengeance upon the earth, until shadow is driven into darkness and only the light remains. A tremor rumbled through him. A dream. The dream.

No need to be alarmed. Change on an infinite scale. Not a good sign. His sleep visions were never wrong. A harbinger of death. Revered and feared by one and all. All good questions.

None of which he could answer.