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Like rye and bulgur , barley is a member of the grass family grown widely across the United States, including in Minnesota.

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The barley grain has a tough outer shell on it called a hull that must be removed before eating. Most Americans are familiar with barley because of its use in beer production; barley is used to make malt, which is fermented into those ice-cold ales we enjoy all year. Where do I find it? Barley is most commonly sold as pearled barley, or grain that has been hulled.

The Ninja Gypsy Tries Yoga

During the pearling process however, some or all the germ is removed. The remaining barley is still high in fiber but it often lacks the same antioxidants and cardiovascular benefits found in the germ of true whole grain barley. The alternative to pearled barley sells as hulled or hulless barley. This type of barley takes longer to cook minutes boiling time but packs the best nutritional punch. What do I do with it? A good ninja knows that sneak attack success all depends on the recipe. Starting at the beginning may suck , and it does, but it is important to push through to create a better and healthier version of yourself.

It may be daunting, to begin with, but it is worth it in the end! Third, I want you to hold me accountable! I am just as vulnerable to comfy beds, snack foods, and a lazy attitude as everyone else! I am hoping that by posting this here, that my readers will be my support group! I want to get in shape, and I am going to take you on that journey with me!

Usually, my workouts are cardio heavy with lots of running, HIIT training, and martial arts. I will create a schedule for those as I always do, but I wanted to add in something new to help slowly get my shoulder back into shape and regain total mobility. I have decided to try yoga! I am a fast-paced person, and this slower technique challenges my ability to stay focused, but I know that the benefits to yoga are numerous! Those are quite a lot of benefits! Also, the sheer mass of yogis out there should be convincing enough that it works.

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Therefore, I am giving it another try, and this time, I am going to stick with it by doing the day challenge by Yoga with Adriene. Or, I tackle some dishes. The first time you meal prep will take you the longest. You may be thinking, Ugh 2 hours of meal prep is too long! I get it, meal prep is a chore. You can also cook up a huge batch of chicken breasts and freeze them until needed. There are so many ways to adapt meal prepping to fit your needs.

Make a list

Although meal fatigue is real, you can be creative and add as much variety as you want. In other words, suck it up buttercup. You may have the best excuse to prevent you from meal prepping but remember you can have results or excuses, not both. If you have any questions or need advice please leave me a comment below. You will thank yourself repeatedly when you suddenly have more time to spend with your family and friends, the toughest part is getting started. If there is any additional information I can give you — just ask!

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Do you like this post? You DO?!? Are there any recipes you want me to feature? Please let me know your thoughts by leaving a comment below! If you like the video please give it a thumbs up and subscribe for more content! You are definitely a meal prep ninja! I make dinner from scratch every night, only because I have the time now, but used to do a lot of meal prep for work lunches to avoid having to eat a deli sandwich daily.

Also used to prep chopped veggies for morning egg scrambles.

Great Grains: Barley, the Perfect Food for Health Ninjas

Takes five minutes to make eggs when you have your ingredients prepped. I am really far from getting as organized as you are about the shopping list. Hey man, whatever works for you is the right method. I laugh bc some folks are under the impression that my meal prep skills transfer to all areas of my life, but boy are they wrong. I love spending my Sunday afternoons whipping up a few recipes for the week ahead. It makes workday lunches and evening dinners much easier and less stressful! This sausage and veggie dish sounds like an awesome recipe for meal prepping!

source link Happy weekend! You are amazing! I love the idea of meal prepping but I just never do it. Lunch tomorrow is decided! Oh my gosh Christina, I really really really need to be like you. I am such a scatterbrain…always misplacing my shopping list or forgetting to get things at the grocery store. So thank you for these amazing guidelines, I definitely would love to try it out.