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Una venere tascabile a pocket Venus describes a short but very sexy or curvaceous woman. Conoscere qualcuno come le proprie tasche means to know someone like you know your own pockets or, as we might say in English, like the back of your hand. Tags: book, Italian expressions, Italian language, Italy, paperback books, pocket, travel. Una Studentessa Matta. Like me, Melissa, although s enza una goccia di sangue italiano without a drop of Italian blood , is p azzamente innamorata madly in love with the Italian language.

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I thought you would enjoy meeting her and hearing her story:. I was first introduced to Italy when I was in college. Like many art history students, I spent a semester in Florence, living with an Italian family and traveling about the country. At the time la mia intenzione my intention was NOT to study Italian. Infatti in fact, as a matter of fact the first thing I did when I got home was buttare via throw away my Italian dictionary.

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I never thought I would need it again! Come mi sbagliavo How wrong I was!

After the birth of my third child and with a successful graphic design career under my belt, I received a delightful book about living in Italy from my mother. The book was sprinkled with lovely Italian words, and they commenced a girarmi nella testa to roll around in my head and made me regret not learning the language while I lived in Italy.

Shortly thereafter, I marched out to the local bookstore and bought an armful of Italian grammar books and tapes, prepared to affrontare tutta la lingua take on the entire language by myself. Da allora from that day forward , I have spent hours each day masticando chewing on grammar and bevendo drinking in delicious words like stuzzicare tantalize , accartocciarsi wrinkle up , pungiglione sting , guinzaglio dog leash and scombussolare discombobulate.

Manual Dodio, damore e daltro ancora (Italian Edition)

I read so many books in Italian that my husband mi prende in giro teases me when he catches me reading something in English. I watch Italian films and listen to music on the Internet. Learning Italian has enriched my life in countless ways and brought friends into my world that I never would have met were it not for the boundless, crazy passion I have for la bella lingua. I took that message to heart and applied it to my Italian. Come join me on my adventure to become Italian through the language! Brava , Melissa, una gemella anima a kindred spirit!

Becoming Italian Word by Word. The innocent question sparked an intense debate.

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Enter your Email:. Dianne's website Sign up for Dianne's Newsletter! Subscribe to this blog's feed. Blog powered by Typepad. Carmelina Rotundo born November 24, in Orbetello is an Italian journalist, blogger and teacher. Carmelina was an Italian teacher at primary school and tutor at University Scienze della Formazione Primaria in Florence journalist and blogger. She is a collaborator of newspapers such as Toscana oggi and La Nazione of Florence.

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On the web she collaborated with LeMeridie. In she presented a sculpture at the Officina del profumo farmaceutica di Santa Maria Novella "Non abbiamo altre strade che quella dell'amore" made by artist Giuseppe Tocchetti. In she organized the group exhibition Oceani d'amore at palazzo del Pegaso seat of Consiglio regionale della Toscana.

go here From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Carmelina Rotundo.