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Xingdao is a fierce fighter but is not very smart. Liu Yan is another mediocre general that shouldn't harm you much, especially once Xingdao is gone. The two of them flee to Ling Ling where Liu Du is there to reinforce them. This battle is a bit harder, especially considering you just went through a gate battle and a cave and haven't rested.

Get rid of Xingdao as fast as you can before his physical attacks pummel you to oblivion. Liu Du should be next and he is not too tricky but a solid ruler nonetheless. Ling Ling is not a very happening city and once you rest up you can probably leave south for Gui Yang. Chen Shu is the better fighter but can be neutralized with a powerful spell. Likewise Bao Long is a worse fighter but can handle your tactics a little bit better. The two generals flee into the castle and you chase them. Zhao Fan, the lord of Gui Yang, comes out to apologize to you and asks to entertain Zhuge Liang among peace in the palace.

The Empire of Zhan

Zhang Fei smells a trap and Zhao Yun can be seen going around the castle as support. Meanwhile, Zhuge is led into the throne area with Zhao Fan and is ambushed by the two generals you just beat! Zhuge is in trouble! But Lu Bu comes out of no where to help! Lu Bu will kill all three generals and the rest of your party will run up to help you. It is then decided that Lu Bu shall defend Gui Yang while you "advance and conquer". The item shop here is generic and there is no armory either.

However use the billetting to drop off Yi Ji, so you can have a 5 person army with Zhuge as the tactician and still fighting at the same time. Go to this cape southwest of Wu Ling and visit him. As you head west through the forest, take the north dead end and search at the end for a tactic potion. At Wu Ling, Jin Xuan will be waiting for you.

He is by himself and is a poor general; mop him up and enjoy the scene afterwards. Jin runs back to Gong Zhi to tell him to lower the bridge, but instead Gong Zhi shoots him down and peacefully gives you the city. There are plenty of things to do inside, and improving weapons and armor is the most important part. The people in the city will tell you to go to Chang Sha to the west. You fight for two rounds and then the match is over, now don't walk into Chang Sha right away! This is a tough battle, definitely the toughest you've fought so far.

Rest up and buy all the new equipment at Wu Ling. When you are ready, head there. Wei Yan and Huang Zhong are two of the top generals in the entire game. Worse yet, Yan Ling is a powerful fighter as well, and Han Xuan makes up for his poor stats with better equipment. Han Hao is pretty average fortunately. Try to neutralize Wei Yan at the beginning of the battle. Otherwise, Wei Yan will wreak havoc with his physical attacks and Huang Zhong will as well. Hopefully Yan Ling and the others don't mess you up too bad. Come in with full tactics and Zhuge as your fifth member and tactician, and you should be able to win a war of attrition against this tough group.

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When you enter Chang Sha, you will see Wei Yan waiting at the front gate. He asks to join, and let him without hesitation. He is a top warrior, and although his intelligence is a little low he is a huge help for a good while in your party. He is at home, depressed that he can't bury his master's bow with his body. Head to the west cave to help him out so he can join. Once in the cave, take the south path down the stairs. The right path produces a Thunder Sword and a Copper Potion.

The left side gives you gold coins. Head back up and to the beginning of this cave, where you should go west this time. As you go west you will go south also, to a 4 way split. Go south for the quick treasure, gold coins. Then go left for a Copper Potion, and the upper left-hand path produces a Copper Bow.

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Head north for the staircase. From here head east for an Iron Helmet, and south for the Youyuu Bow! He will join you. Now here's why I don't use Huang Zhong here. First of all, I prefer Wei Yan over him. This means that you can't use Zhuge in battle then, which ruins everything. Thus, Huang Zhong stays in my billetting for a while I think until the Shu area.

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Anyways, head back to Ma Liang's estate now. As you walk up to the Ma brothers, a messenger runs in to tell you that Lu Bu has taken over Gui Yang and plans to vie for power. Great, well rest up and go back there. Lu Bu will be with Zhang Ji, a decent tactician of his. Zhang Ji shouldn't do too much save for a few spells on your less-intelligent officers Wei Yan, Zhang Fei. I guess there's one reason to put in Huang Zhong over Wei Yan. Anyways, rest up and head to Ling Ling to chase after Lu Bu. Xingdao and Yan are both good fighters if you remember, and Liu Yan is versatile. That said, use tactics on this group and you shouldn't have a problem. They can provide some brute strength though so beware.

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Again, Yi Xin is your best friend here. Rest up and head to Ling Ling for the final confrontation with Lu Bu. Careful, he surprised my army and nearly killed Zhang Fei in the first turn. Keep your soldiers up and you must get rid of Lu Bu asap or you will probably be cut down by the rest of the generals and whatever is left of Lu Bu. Yi Xin as many generals as you can, and abuse Yan Re.

Don't let up once Lu Bu is dead, the other generals have some stability themselves. Try to pop each of them with a Yan Re to get them all down a bit otherwise they'll be taking full powered shots off you while you are working Lu Bu. When it's all over you'll have Lu Bu's head and you can finally enjoy peace in south Jing Zhou.

Head to the Ma villa and the guardians there will tell you that they went to Xin Ye already. Head back that way now. Chen Deng will join you enjoy billetting, bud. The armory has been upgraded even. Grab some Steel Shields if you can. They send you to consult with Sima Hui. He gives you a bottle of "Jiu" to give to Pang Tong to get him to open up, so head to Xiang Yang to find him it's the house in the northwest. Pang Tong isn't there though but some other guy is there and if you have the bottle he will ask for it, which you must give him to continue on.

He mentions the Young Phoenix so you must be on the right track. Ultimately he asks you to apprehend the bandits in the northwestern woods, led by Liao Hua. Go there now, it's in the middle section of the forest formation. Immediately head east for gold when you get in. Then go north and take your first east for a Copper Medicine and gold is just north of that. Northwest of here is a Revive, and go east and north after this to come to the bandit's area. Further north is Liao Hua and three females. Talk to him and you will fight him.

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  • He is a pretty generic general and a few Luo Shi's or Yan Re's should best him.