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Walls of Paris 1. Renaissance Paris: Wars of Religion and the Louvre 3. Impressionism and the Tour Eiffel 7. Cubism and Modern Architecture in Paris 8. Beaubourg and Postmodern Paris 9.

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Forgot your password? Have an access token? The defining characteristics of the participants in studies included in the research syntheses should be detailed, for example this may include diagnostic criteria, or age or ethnicity. The total number of participants that inform the outcomes relevant to the Umbrella Review question from all studies included studies should be presented also. Details of the setting of interest such as acute care, primary health care, or the community or a particular geographical location should be included.

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For some Umbrella Reviews, particularly those that draw upon qualitative research syntheses, the context that underpins the review question will be important to clearly reveal to the reader and may include but is not limited to consideration of cultural factors such as geographic location and specific racial or gender based interests. A statement of the phenomena of interest is also required where applicable.

The number of sources searched should be reported.

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Though this will have been considered during critical appraisal of the research synthesis, reporting to the reader of the review will allow rapid and easy comparison between differences of included reviews and also consideration of potential for publication bias in the event no formal analysis has been conducted. Where possible the names of databases and sources should be listed i. The search range of each database should also be included. The date range spanning from the earliest study that informs the included research synthesis to the latest should be reported.

This is important information that allows for consideration of the currency of the evidence base not necessarily reflected in the year of publication of the research synthesis. If this is not readily identifiable in the table of study characteristics provided by the included synthesis, it should be discer nable by scanning the date range of publications through the results section of the included review. Summary descriptive details of the included studies in the research synthesis should be reported. This includes the number of studies in the included research synthesis, the types of study designs included in the research synthesis, for example randomized controlled trials, prospective cohort study, phenomenology, ethnography etc.

The latter is important to allow the reader of the review to consider the external validity and generalizability of the results presented. Knowledge of China—its history, culture, people and language, as well as its political and economic systems—will help the Philippines in strengthening its ties with China, a close neighbor fast becoming a superpower.

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It opens graduates to wider options particularly in business, foreign service, and research. Students interested in pursuing the Minor need to fill out a Minor in Chinese Studies application form and file a load revision form to be endorsed by the department chair of their home department and approved by the program director of CSP.

Graduating seniors who wish to be admitted into the program must apply in the first semester of their senior year.

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A certificate is awarded to students who have successfully completed the required Chinese Studies courses. All rights reserved.