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Sarah Crowell - The Courage to Walk in Beauty - Bioneers

Look at your courageous spirit and honor it! Here is a checklist of your personal courage. You faced your fears.

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You loved. You left. You took a leap of faith. Love is always that.

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Good for you. Not loving is a greater tragedy than loving and losing could ever be. You took risks —regardless of the cost. You allowed yourself to be vulnerable, honest, and authentic. For that alone you deserve tons of credit. You trusted yourself.

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And that means you know how to love yourself, and trust and love others. You owned your responsibility in the relationship.

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Coming through a relationship without blaming someone and without playing the victim is a sign you are honoring yourself. You learned what you needed to learn about yourself and experienced tremendous personal growth. What is the point of going through all that without growth and learning? Do you know how many people do not get that?

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You learned about what you want and need in a relationship. That, my friend, is damned good information to have. It dawned on him that one of the only ways to get out of his hometown of Corpus Christi was to enlist. For many people, retirement marks the end of one chapter and the start of another. This is especially true for active-duty personnel when they transition into civilian life.

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When asked about her own transition out of the military, Robin Harder — a former Spanish and Russian linguist for the Army — explained that her experience was easier than she thought it would be, in part because she set herself up for success. As a graduate of the Air Force Academy, Anne Krause always looked up to women who graduated during the s.

Even though she felt a sense of resentment from her male peers during her own time at the academy, she knew that those women had a harder road than she did and that they paved the way for women in the Air Force. KCTI - Gonzales.

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Honor Your Courage to Walk Away From a Bad Relationship

Calhoun, Willie E. However, you may think that you are taking the high road, but you are not doing any favor to yourself.

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A woman who proudly walks away from everything that makes her feel sad. Be courageous enough to walk away in order to move towards happiness and fulfillment. Walk away to find yourself again. Walk away to create your own life.