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What is the recommended timing for teaching CS Principles? We recommend that CS Principles be taught as a full year course, assuming that you meet with students daily or nearly daily for 45 or more minutes. Full-year schedules where students are in class for a similar amount of time per week will also work. It is possible to teach the course on a semester block schedule, though we highly recommend this implementation only be used in the fall semester.

Since the AP Performance Tasks are due in late April and require 20 dedicated hours of class time to complete, most schools find there is not enough time to complete the course on a block schedule in the spring. What materials do I need for this course?

Learn Basic Programming In Minutes For Computing V10 Clive W Humphris.

Required Materials:. This course requires that students have access to computers with a modern web browser.

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At this time, our courses are not optimized for tablets or mobile devices. For more details, check out Code. Many lessons have handouts that are designed to guide students through activities. While these handouts are not required, we highly recommend their use. In addition to handouts, several lessons call for specific items. You can find these listed below as well as our suggestions for alternatives:. The following supplies are completely optional but will be useful to have on hand for various lessons:. How can I access answer keys? With an approved teacher account you can find answer keys in a blue "Teacher Only" panel that shows in the online lessons and activities.

Teachers in our Professional Learning Program will automatically be approved to view answer keys. If you need an approved teacher account, you can apply for access to protected teacher-only materials answer keys, etc through this form. Please keep in mind that it may take business days to verify your account.

Are there supports in CS Principles for students with learning differences or disabilities? Every lesson includes detailed recommendations from the accessCSP project from Outlier Research on how activities can be supplemented and modified to meet the needs of students with learning disabilities and attention deficit disorders, including reading disorders, written expression disorders, math disorders, and language disorders. In addition, the Lesson-Specific Adjustment Guides identify the underlying psychological process that each adjustment addresses, including processes related to: aspects of reasoning; areas of language; different types of memory; fine motor; processing, timing, and pacing; aspects of visual processing; and executive functioning, attention, and social skills.

Does the course have resources for blind or visually impaired students?

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Our partners at AccessCSforAll have created an accessible version of the curriculum and online tools designed specifically for students with these disabilities. AccessCSforAll also runs a summer professional development to help teachers learn how to support these students. How was the course developed? Please see this page about CS Principles Inspirations to read about the influential works in computer science education that form some of the course's philosophical underpinnings.

For more information about our goals and approach to our courses, please see our curriculum values and our professional learning values. Report a problem Help and support.

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Educator Overview. Help Us. About Us. Computer Science Principles. Students learn about the challenges of supporting a giant network like the world wide web, while solving problems about encoding and transmitting data using the Internet Simulator. Students get hands on experience with concepts like binary and pixels, text compression, cryptography, and more through computational widgets , which are directly integrated into the course.

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Using the JavaScript language, students learn about algorithms and program design as they create a series of real working, shareable apps with App Lab. Check out the Curriculum Guide to learn more about the classroom and student practices that flow throughout the course, overviews of each unit, implementation considerations, and guidance for navigating course tools and teacher resources.

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