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In a rare instance or two, is was obvious that an important line was missing from the "dialogue" script, and this made it necessary to replace that gap with a line from the production script. Each of these scripts has been illustrated whenever possible with existing images that have been inserted, as accurately as possible, into the text in their appropriate spots.

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In the case of Charlie Chan Carries On , a goodly amount of visual material consisting of video captures from the Spanish language version of this film, Eran Trece , has been used. Much of this material was, in all probability, stock footage which would have also appeared in the "lost" English language version starring Warner Oland.

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Fortune still smiling, existing video out-takes from Charlie Chan's Greatest Case were also accessed for illustrative material for that film's script. Several other stock images, such as the well-known Chan family group photograph, were also used to enhance the scripts. The text of each script has been reformatted for easier reading. Obvious typographical errors have been corrected. Take this opportunity to browse our Clearance Sale!

You never know what new adventures you will find! Refine Your Search Filter Per Page. One Moment, Please. Ships Separately. Benediction Classics Sep. Quite defunct, they tell me. He lowered his quavering voice. It all comes of letting in these outsiders, he added. We all feel it quite keenly. He summoned a youngster of seventy who was feeling it keenly on a near-by bench.

Henry will take you wherever you wish to go, Inspector. If I may say so, it is most reassuring to have the inevitable investigation in such hands as yours. Duff turned to Henry. Please take these men up to room 28, he said, indicating the photographer and the finger-print man who had entered with him. I should like a talk first with Mr. Kent, Peter. A small pink rose adorned his left lapel.

For all that, he appeared to be far from happy. Beside his desk sat a scholarly-looking, bearded man, wrapped in gloomy silence. Come in, Mr. Duff, come in, the manager said, rising at once.

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This is a bit of luck, our first this morning. If you will keep it all as quiet as possible, I shall be eternally—. I know, Duff cut in. But unfortunately murder and publicity go hand in hand. I should like to learn who the murdered man was, when he got here, who was with him, and any other facts you can give me. He arrived on last Monday, the third, coming up from Southampton on a boat train after crossing from New York. With him were his daughter, a Mrs. Potter, also of Detroit, and his granddaughter.

Her name—it escapes me for the moment. He turned to the bearded man. Ah, yes—Miss Pamela Potter. The two men bowed. Kent turned to Duff. The doctor can tell you much more about the dead man than I can. About all the party, in fact. What tour? You mean this dead man was traveling in a party, with a courier?

Duff looked at the doctor.

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  • I should hardly call myself a courier, Lofton replied. Though in a way, of course I am. The information had escaped me, Duff answered dryly. So Mr. Hugh Morris Drake had embarked on a world cruise, under your direction—. If you will permit me, interrupted Lofton, it is not precisely a world cruise.

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    That term is used only in connection with a large party traveling the entire distance aboard a single ship. My arrangements are quite different—various trains and many different ships—and comparatively a very small group. This year there are only seventeen in the party, Lofton told him. That is—there were last night. Today, of course, there are but sixteen. Plenty, he commented. Now, Doctor Lofton—by the way, are you a medical doctor? Ah, yes.

    Has there been any trouble on this tour before last night? Any incident that might lead you to suspect an enmity, a feud—. Lofton broke in. He got up and began to pace the floor. There has been nothing, nothing. We had a very rough crossing from New York, and the members of the party have really seen very little of one another. They were all practically strangers when they arrived at this hotel last Monday. We have made a few excursions together since, but they are still—Look here, Inspector! His calmness had vanished, and his face was flushed and excited beneath the beard.

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    This is a horrible position for me. My life work, which I have built up by fifteen years of effort—my reputation, my standing—everything is likely to be smashed by this. Some sneak thief—some hotel servant—. I beg your pardon, cried the manager hotly. Look at my servants. No employee of this hotel is involved in any way. Then some one from outside, Lofton said.

    Charlie Chan Carries On

    His tone was pleading. My standards are high—the best people, always. Pardon my excitement, Inspector. But this is a serious situation for me. I know, Duff nodded. But I must question the members of your party as soon as possible. Do you think you could get them together for me in one of the parlors of the hotel?

    You see, we are taking the ten-forty-five from Victoria, to. This action might not be possible to undo. Are you sure you want to continue? Upload Sign In Join. Save For Later.

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    Create a List. Summary The fifth of the Earl Derr Biggers Charlie Chan books books involves the Honolulu detective in a case of murder that stretches around the world, as members of a tour group are dying, one by one. Read on the Scribd mobile app Download the free Scribd mobile app to read anytime, anywhere. Publisher: Ktoczyta. Come in, Duff, my boy, he said. I was feeling the need of a chat. Duff raised his heavy eyebrows. Your work on this case should stand as an example— Duff interrupted him. Ah, yes—poor Sir Frederic, Hayley answered. Hayley nodded.