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In all of your interactions with the coach, teammates, other parents and game officials, be an adult role model that your children would be proud to emulate.

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Also keep in mind that this is your son or daughter you're dealing with here and their well being and happiness is always much more important than the outcome of an insignificant youth sport contest! This all starts with how YOU handle it! If you suspect that your child is at risk of physical or emotional abuse at the hands of the coach, then you must immediately intervene to insure their safety, talking to the coach, league director or a higher up when necessary. You need to give them the gift of your unconditional love so that they can play their sport unburdened!

You must also match your non-verbals to your words. Telling your kids that it's OK when they fail yet responding with anger and frustration when they do so is giving your kids the clear message that it is NOT OK to fail!

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When the season started, he was at his position, short-stop and batting third. After a few games went by, he began to struggle a little up at the plate and his coach pushed him way back in the line-up to bat 8 th. Then his coach started sitting him so he wasn't even playing or sometimes moving him out to right field! My son is so upset and so am I!!! I want to say something to the coach. Advise please! It is always the coach's prerogative to decide who starts, where they play and how much playing time they get. If your child is significantly younger, under 12 you could ask the coach yourself!

However, let me caution you here.


Playing time decisions are very complicated and difficult for coaches. They can never be right with them because there are always kids that don't get to play! While we have to live with unfair coaches and their decisions, we don't want to live with coaching behaviors that seem abusive. Skip to main content. Cycling Gymnastics Login View Cart. For any athlete to become a champion, which to means going as far as possible in their sport, it takes a total team effort behind them.

Without the appropriate support and guidance of coaches and parents, real success in sports is virtually impossible! You don't improve without making mistakes and getting feedback from the coach about what you need to work on and do differently next time. You should not be doing the sport to make others happy or proud of you.

You should be passionate about it! There is no substitute for hard work!

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  • You can't define being a winner as the outcome of a competition. It's HOW you play that really counts. This means that you want to play by the rules. When you play and win, do so fair and square. Also, don't brag! Don't gloat!


    Coaching athletes who fear success or failure

    Don't let your ego control your actions. When you fail, handle that loss like a champion. Congratulate your opponent. Keep your head up! Your reputation and character are on the line! Support your mates. Be unselfish!

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    What are your thoughts on College Athletes getting paid? This agreement, however, is in no way clear-cut and can in many ways allow a student-athlete benefits that are not offered to another college student. This has recently added fuel to the fire in terms of the controversial notion that collegiate athletes should be paid for their services in order to legally reward athletes for their success. The idea that athletes may be deserving of cash compensation for their performance on the field has stemmed from the ever-increasing amount of money that universities receive for successful athletic teams.

    These astronomical numbers have some fans saying that if an athlete generates that much revenue for their school, he or she should be entitled to a portion of the profits. I can assure you that none of these athletes have been exploited in any way and are benefiting from their success in more ways than the average fan knows. The first benefit comes in the form of financial aid.


    The scholarships that sometimes pay for portions of tuition and in most cases pay for it all are life-changing. The minute an athlete steps foot on campus, he or she is entitled to round-the-clock academic service, most of which can be found in one convenient location.

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