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They think that their education was not good enough, they believe they luck sufficient talent, or that simply there is not enough time for earning that much money…. The most secret beliefs about ourselves and the world are created in the time where we were just little children. Have in mind that with the right approach, a strong desire for change, disciplined dedication and unbeatable persistence, you can reprogram your deepest beliefs and thought patterns, and you can have ANYTHING you want. The whole purpose of this activity is to create a powerful list of affirmations that you will use for the next ninety days in order to reprogram your subconscious mind.

By changing your deepest beliefs you are actually changing your entire attitude, the vibration that your mind and body produce and ultimately, all the things that you attract in your life. Work on your weak points and make your strengths even stronger. You must read them 3 times for at least three minutes per day the longer the better , every day for the next 3 months.

Read them right before going into bed and right after waking up in the morning, as it gives best result because of the fact that your subconscious mind is widely open during those critical seconds. They will strengthen your faith and they will bring peace in your mind regarding your financial problems. The purpose of these wealth affirmations is to make you feel comfortable with the idea of you being wealthy by giving you the necessary confidence and faith in pursuing your dreams. You truly can have all the wealth you want , and the affirmations are your secret key that unlocks this door of steel between you and your goals.

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You must understand that everything has a positive and a negative side, everything is balanced energy, and everything is Yin and Yang. Search for the positive side and you will surely find it. You must follow the rules and be persistent while taking on this journey. Do this as described and please remember my friend, all of these affirmations will not produce any results, if you do not put the effort to vividly visualize how you have already achieved the success that you desire.

The only time you fail is when you quit!

This system works, it must work because it always does! Thanks for your insight , I have been working at your program for a while and my business is slowly growing. The hard part is the visualizing and to be precise about it. Do you have any suggestions. Thank You Rick Roswarski.

Start a freelancing business. Can you write well? Can you do voice overs?

How To Manifest Anything! -Very Powerful Tool! (Law Of Attraction)

Are you good at copywriting? Do you know how to conduct proper market analysis? Do you know how to code or design? Thank you for sharing! What are some really positive affirmations that and how many should you say getting abundance?

Secrets for Activating Abundance

I have lost my full time job I am on Social Security but it is not enough and I am falling behind on all my bills. Also how many affirmations should you say? Also I need to lose weight but I really need to concentrate on the abundance affirmations right now. I feel blessed to have come across this website today filled with uplifting wealth and money affirmations. I am happy with the money affirmations. I am getting real benefit after chanting Affirmations number of times through out the day. Repeatition and continuity in the following days are very important.

I started it slowly from 2 months, Now I am seeing the results with all my effort. I feel blessed and confident that I too can lead a happy and prosperous life in near future. Thanks for the affirmations posting on the web.

We all love you and you are blessed.. Thank you so much for these affirmations. God will always bless you for sharing. My life has just changed from poverty to a life full of wealth, abundance and prosperity. First, I was without a job for 20 years, homeless, had to stay with a friend, gave away my kids to relatives to look after as I couldnt afford to look after myself, so many issues were affecting my life.

The only thing that kept me going was believing in God that He loves and cares for me, I knew that God would bless me one day that I would have an abundant life and I would take good care of myself, my loved ones and bless others who are in need.

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I know how it feels to live in poverty because I once lived in one. Abundant life is not about what we have. Ultimately, abundant life is about what we receive as a gift from the Lord and to live knowing we are stewards of the blessings of God. Furthermore, stewardship is not measure by what we have received, but by what we have given. At the end of the day, perhaps that is how we know we have an abundant life—when we have shared our life with others.

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How to Attract Abundance

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